LA Chargers training camp: 3 players with the most to lose

Los Angeles Chargers running back Joshua Kelley (27)
Los Angeles Chargers running back Joshua Kelley (27) / Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
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Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley (4)
Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley (4) / Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

2. Michael Badgley

Michael Badgley was extremely disappointing last season. Most Charger fans felt great about Badgley heading into the season and ironically enough, we warned of some undercover problems with Badgley right before the wheels fell off.

It became a running joke on our Twitter account that we would tweet the link to the undercover kicking problems article every time he missed a kick. It might be our most-read article on Twitter with how many kicks he missed.

Just like Kelley, Badgley is not going to get any benefit of the doubt with the new coaching staff. Staley has not been shy about his goal to focus on special teams and improve upon it from last season and it starts with Badgley.

While many Charger fans want to see him out, the Chargers are giving him a chance to keep his job... or so it seems. He was not released this offseason and is going to head into camp to battle Alex Kessman.

Kessman didn't have the greatest percentages in college but it is not like they were any worse than Badgley. Better yet, Kessman can actually hit a long field goal, where Badgley is 3-9 in his career from 50+ yards out.

Before you could at least swallow the fact that he did not have a big leg because he was hitting the kicks that he was supposed to make. He stopped making the short kicks then it became apparent that he had no real value to the kicking game.

He could not make long field goals and was not even kicking the ball off because he could not get it to the endzone from the 35-yard-line. Unless he just completely flips his career, Badgley will likely lose his job and it is hard to see him finding another job quickly.