LA Chargers training camp: Updates for the 2021 draft class

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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Tre' McKitty
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Tre' McKitty is keeping up with his fellow tight end during LA Chargers training camp

The tight end position might be one of the toughest to gauge for the LA Chargers this deep into training camp. We all know that Jared Cook is essentially going to be the TE1 and be the biggest pass-catcher in the tight end room but everything outside of that is up in the air.

The Chargers have rotated all of the tight ends with the first-team offense and there really is not much that has stood out. It is hard to create a hierarchy among the tight ends but as it stands right now, Donald Parham is probably the second option with Tre' McKitty third and Stephen Anderson fourth.

Parham has been used more in passing situations as he is likely going to be a big red-zone target for the Chargers this season. McKitty, on the other hand, has been used more in a blocking capacity alongside Cook, although he has run some routes as well.

The biggest takeaway for McKitty thus far is that he is keeping up and is not showing any rookie hurdles, yet. That could happen during the regular season but McKitty looked to be a raw prospect in the third round and he has been more polished than expected.

He has done just fine in his chances in the passing game and we all know his blocking ability will get him snaps, especially with the lack of blocking in Cook and Parham.