LA Chargers training camp: Updates for the 2021 draft class

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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Josh Palmer
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Josh Palmer is more advanced than expected in LA Chargers training camp

If there is one Charger that is making me eat crow during LA Chargers training camp it is Josh Palmer. Granted, I never said that he was not a talented receiver, but I did not think that he would be ready to play a role in 2021.

I was not a huge fan of the Palmer selection as it seemed like a two-year pick for the Chargers. It felt like Palmer was being drafted to replace Mike Williams in 2022 and with Tyron Johnson taking a predicted leap, Palmer's chances in 2021 seemed few and far between.

In theory, the Chargers could have used that pick on someone else, waiting to pick a receiver earlier with a higher ceiling next year to replace Williams.

Instead, the Chargers went with Palmer because they liked what they saw and he has proven them right in camp thus far. He still has to go out and do it in a game, which is why the preseason is so important for him, but he looks far more advanced than I could have predicted.

The thing that has stood out the most about Palmer is his route running. Keenan Allen is the master of route running and quite frankly, Palmer might be second in that category on the team, only behind Allen.

That is going to bode well for Palmer and with Brandon Staley stressing versatility and throwing different looks at their opponents, we might see far more of Palmer in his rookie season than I ever could have imagined.

I am well on the path to being wrong. We shall see.