LA Chargers training camp: Updates for the 2021 draft class

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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LA Chargers training camp has been underway for more than a week and while nothing is even close to being set in stone, we have gotten a decent idea of what the team might look like in 2021.

This training camp feels more important than in previous years. First of all, the team underwent an entire coaching change and is now being run by Brandon Staley, who appears to be a near-guaranteed upgrade from Anthony Lynn.

The other reason why LA Chargers training camp is so important is that this is a team that has legitimate potential. Expectations were tempered last season with Tyrod Taylor under center but with Justin Herbert and a strong offseason, the Chargers are a legitimate Super Bowl dark horse.

One of the most compelling things to watch in LA Chargers training camp is the 2021 draft class.

It is hard not to love what the LA Chargers did in the 2021 NFL Draft, especially with the first two selections. Training camp gives us our first real look at these guys and for several, we have actual updates that fans can be excited about.

Of course, as is the nature of these things, there are some rookies that don't have much to update on. These rookies are still practicing and have had some moments, but have not really added anything new to update Charger fans on.

The rookies that have provided the least amount of noise are Brenden Jaimes, Nick Niemann and Mark Webb. They will not be part of this LA Chargers training camp update.

In order of how they were drafted, let's break down the 2021 rookie class.