5 trade-up candidates for the LA Chargers in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Cade Otton
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3. Cade Otton - TE - Washington

The tight end position is one that is difficult to hit on, as there are only five truly great tight ends in the league right now (Travis Kelce, George Kittle, Darren Waller, Mark Andrews, and Kyle Pitts). With Jared Cook gone, the tight ends on the Chargers roster consist of Donald Parham Jr., who has just finished recovering from a scary concussion, and Tre McKitty, a still-developing second-year player.

Vast improvements were shown in Parham's abilities, and his incredibly big frame gives him a big help. It is always a good idea to keep an eye out on potential targets to draft in a position where you need to have multiple skills.

Cade Otton is an incredible candidate for the Chargers to pursue in this years draft. A good combination of run blocking abilities going along with a trait that is very similar to the soon to be Hall of Famer Antonio Gates. His ability to box out defenders like he is playing basketball shows lots of similarities to how Antonio Gates played ball for the Chargers years ago.

His unique ability to run routes is what could separate him from a lot of the tight ends in this draft class. The way the tight end position is transforming is fitting for Otton's style of play. More quickness on and off the ball is what makes more successful tight ends from a receiving standpoint.

His route running and quickness is impressive, but his aggressiveness with his hands will be able to translate to becoming a productive blocker in this league. Mainly in the run block, he shows signs of greatness in his ability to push linebackers out of the way to create holes for running backs.

Where should Cade Otton be taken?

If Tom Telesco decides Cade Otton is the next tight end for the Los Angeles Chargers, he will have to look in the late second to early third round. A spot in the draft that will not be super expensive to trade up for could be worthwhile.

In the event Telesco does not want to trade up for a tight end, but still wants to select one, Virginia tight end Jelani Woods is another great option.

A player who exploded in the combine and in recent weeks with his incredible size and speed combination could be a good pick, as he would fall in the fourth round, in which the Chargers already have a pick.