5 trade-up candidates for the LA Chargers in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Daniel Faalele, Karl Brooks
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1. Daniel Faalele - OT - Minnesota

A complete right tackle in Daniel Faalele is somebody that the LA Chargers desperately need to sign, especially with the recent departure of Bryan Bulaga. Standing at six foot eight and 380 pounds, Faalele is one of the strongest players in this year's NFL Draft. Starting in all but three games in his entire college career at right tackle, he has a lot of experience that the Chargers are looking for in the right tackle position.

His incredible size and strength are already one of the most appealing traits that he possesses. With his strength, he is easily able to shed off rushers and limit their abilities to get to the quarterback. Not just in the passing game, but when running the ball, Faalele is able to move defenders in his path out of the way to create space for the runner. Creating a prolific run game for the Chargers would open up a lot more opportunities offensively, which would make them less predictable.

Having an outside tackle with the footwork that Faalele has is an uncommon skill that could get overlooked by some teams. The potential to have Slater on the left and Faalele on the right would create a very safe pocket for pro-bowler Justin Herbert to operate in.

Where would the Chargers have to trade to draft Daniel Faalele?

Daniel Faalele's average draft pick is currently hovering around the late first to early second round. Tom Telesco could either trade back from the 17th pick to the end of the round, or trade a third and fourth-round pick to get up to the late first or early second round.

If the Chargers decide to not select an offensive tackle in the first round or sign one in free agency, Daniel Faalele may be the best option at right tackle if they were to trade up, similar to how the Chargers traded up for Kenneth Murray after taking Justin Herbert.