LA Chargers: 2 possible trade targets that would improve the run defense

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Austin Johnson, Danny Shelton
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2. Austin Johnson

This is a classic case of a move that would not make headlines whatsoever as it does not include a big name and would obviously not net the New York Giants a big trade return. That being said, this is the kind of small move that adds depth to an area of the roster that really needs depth.

Austin Johnson is not someone who is going to completely fix the run game for the Chargers and he is not even someone who would be every down for the Chargers on defense. He is someone who isn't great against the pass but is above average against the run as a nose tackle.

Johnson absolutely can play on the interior offensive line on early downs and while he is not the greatest in getting to the passer, it is not like he is going to be much worse than anyone else on the Bolts. His impact against the run would create enough of a net positive.

The price for Johnson would be extremely cheap. He has been signing one-year deals with the Giants and he is not someone that this team is built around. With a losing record and no sign of turning it around soon, the Giants should look to be selling any asset they can and if someone is willing to trade a seventh-round pick for Jackson then the Giants should jump on it.

If the Bolts cannot get another deal done then a seventh-rounder for Jackson is more than fine and is something that the Giants should absolutely jump at.