LA Chargers: 2 possible trade targets that would improve the run defense

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Akiem Hicks
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1. Akiem Hicks

If you are an active member of LA Chargers Twitter then you know that the main player that many fans are clamoring for is defensive tackle Akiem Hicks. There is a reason for that desire as Hicks would be just what the doctor ordered at defensive tackle and would give the team a run-stuffing presence in the middle.

While the Chargers are weak in multiple areas against the run, it all starts on the interior defensive. Jerry Tillery is awful against the run and the Chargers have run out practice squad players as the third option. Justin Jones coming back will help but the Bolts need more help than that.

That is why going out and getting Hicks could be so impactful to the Chargers. In theory, the team could then deploy Hicks and Linval Joseph as the run-stuffing front with Jones as the third option against the run. Tillery can get his snaps only is passing downs, even though he has not been that great there, either.

Hicks is in the last year of a four-year, $48 million contract with the Chicago Bears, who would have to pay $12 million in dead cap space if they traded Hicks. They are paying Hicks no matter what and he would be the most expensive trade option for the Chargers to pursue. Because the Bears are floating around .500 and have to pay him either way, it would likely take two picks to secure the run-stuffinf nose tackle.

Something along the lines of a fourth and sixth-round pick makes sense for Hicks from the Bears' perspective. Because of his value against the run and connections to Brandon Staley, it would not be a total shock if the LA Chargers went with the most expensive option.

However, there is a cheaper option for the team to also explore.