LA Chargers: 2 possible trade targets that would improve the run defense

LA Chargers Tom Telesco
LA Chargers Tom Telesco / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The start of the 2021 season has been great for the LA Chargers. The Bolts own a 4-2 record heading into their bye week, which before the season, seemed like an optimistic projection. It is no secret that the team's schedule was extremely front-loaded and the Chargers have mostly passed the test.

Of course, things have not been perfect. The team played a sloppy game in Week 2 and lost on a last-second long field goal. That happens. In Week 6, the Chargers went into Baltimore and got beat around by the Baltimore Ravens, who were better in all three phases.

While those losses sting, there can be some value in them as well. Not only will it give the team something to improve on and rally behind in the bye week, but it also can serve as a wake-up call to the front office. This team has holes, and it needs some help.

The LA Chargers are still a really good football team and are legit contenders. While Tom Telesco has typically been passive in the past, this is a team with a high ceiling. If there was ever a time to make a midseason acquisition now is the time.

There are potential trade targets to fix the LA Chargers biggest weakness.

The LA Chargers are not going to get some superstar but they can get someone who helps in the areas they need it most, which right now, is the run defense. None of these players are going to have a high price tag with a fifth-round pick being the absolute most the Bolts would have to spend.

The LA Chargers are projected to receive four compensatory picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. They have the picks to spare and if they don't use them then it would be a shame.

Let's dive into the players that Tom Telesco and the front office should be looking into.