LA Chargers: 3 reasons the Bolts should have traded for Melvin Ingram

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3. Melvin Ingram has a huge impact on the Kansas City Chiefs

As disappointing as the Kansas City Chiefs have been this season, they are still in the hunt for the AFC West crown, especially with the LA Chargers dropping games that they should have won against the New England Patriots.

The Raiders currently pace the division with a 5-2 record but their schedule gets much tougher and they are going to lose more games down the stretch. The Chargers are in second with a 4-3 record and the Chiefs are just half a game back with a 4-4 record.

Say what you want about the Chiefs but this is still their division to lose. The LA Chargers absolutely have a great chance to win the AFC West but they have to continue playing well and the arrow is pointing down over the last two weeks.

The Chiefs still have problems with turnovers and do not have the same explosive offense that they have had in years past and this does not change that. However, this makes the defensive line significantly better and could help some of their defensive woes if they can get pressure on the quarterback.

Getting Melvin Ingram does not just add another edge rusher to the mix. It allows the team to start Ingram on the outside and move Chris Jones back to the interior where he belongs. His bull-rushing tactics simply were not holding up or making much of an impact on the outside.

Not only could the LA Chargers have improved their own situation by trading for Ingram, but they could have kept the Kansas City Chiefs from making a big roster improvement.

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Instead... they did nothing.