LA Chargers: 3 reasons the Bolts should have traded for Melvin Ingram

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Former LA Chargers Pro Bowler Melvin Ingram ended his tenure with the Bolts during the offseason when he signed a one-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even back then, it seemed to make much more sense for the Chargers to re-sign Ingram than letting him walk.

The Chargers potentially had the chance to right that mistake by trading for Ingram, who was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for a sixth-round pick. However, whether it be because of blind confidence or not wanting to trade for an asset you just let walk, Tom Telesco ultimately decided not to (or do anything, for that matter).

Ingram is now a Chief and Charger fans are upset about the inactivity at the deadline. It is impossible to be upset that the team didn't trade for someone like Von Miller, as the Broncos were never going to trade him in division. However, it is absolutely possible to be upset that the team didn't trade for Melvin Ingram... because they should have.

Why the LA Chargers should have traded for Melvin Ingram:

1. He was actually available for a low price!

There is one common misconception about the NFL trade deadline. Because of the prominence of both the NBA and MLB trade deadlines, fans expect there to be a lot of player movement even though every single year there isn't. Every trade deadline usually looks like this year. There is one big move (Von Miller) surrounded by plenty of smaller moves.

We could talk about all the players the Chargers should have traded for but the fact of the matter is that we have no idea if the Giants actually wanted to trade Austin Johnson, or if the Bears wanted to trade Akiem Hicks.

We know that the Steelers wanted to trade Melvin Ingram because they did! And they did so for a sixth-round pick. The LA Chargers are projected to receive four compensatory picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. They could have absolutely afforded to part ways with a sixth or even raise the price and trade a fifth.

There are no what-ifs with Ingram. We are 100% certain that the Steelers wanted to trade him.

Let's jump into the second reason why the LA Chargers should have traded for Melvin Ingram.