LA Chargers: Ranking the 5 most important positions to trade for before the deadline

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Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

1. Defensive Tackle

Perhaps the most important position for the Chargers to attempt to figure out at the trade deadline is the defensive tackle position.

The need for a run-stuffer is all too apparent. The Los Angeles Chargers have been exposed in recent weeks by three top ten rushing attacks that simply destroyed the Chargers in the ground game.

While Brandon Staley has been committed to allowing teams to drive down the field slowly and preventing chunk gains in the air, his defense is supposed to also prevent chunk gains on the ground. This has simply not been the case this year.

The Los Angeles Chargers are allowing 5.1 yards per carry this year, which is the worst in the league. Also, they have given up the most 20+ yard runs this year with 8.

These numbers are simply untenable, particularly when it comes to time for the playoffs when it is harder to throw the ball in the late winter months.

While the Chargers are due for some positive regression in their run defense (they cannot play top-10 rushing teams every week), their only hope to correct the running game is the return of the injury-prone Justin Jones.

The poor run defense has affected the team's ability to defend the passing game as well. With offenses easily able to get into third and short situations, the edge rushers have rarely had clear pass-rushing opportunities, forcing them to stay home and play against the possibility of a run as well.

If the Chargers could upgrade their interior run defense, then they should improve their ability to limit big plays and create more big plays of their own through pass rush.

If there is any position to spend on for the Chargers this year, the interior defensive line is the spot. A good interior defender could transform the Chargers defense, while a great one could vault the defense into the range of the top-10 units in the league easily.

If there is any year for Tom Telesco to get out of his trading slump, it is this year for a defensive tackle. Hopefully, we will see some action before the deadline passes this year.