LA Chargers: Ranking the 5 most important positions to trade for before the deadline

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Storm Norton, Joe Jackson
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2. Right Tackle

While the offensive line was massively improved this offseason, everyone knew that there was a weak (or at least injury-prone) link on the right side.

Unfortunately, that injury-prone nature has come to fruition, and Bryan Bulaga is once again out for the foreseeable future.

In his placed has stepped Storm Norton. After an awful game against the Dallas Cowboys, Norton has stepped up admirably and played at a replacement level, which is exactly what has been expected of him.

Generally, it is fine to have one replacement level player on the line, as long as that player is consistent. On the edge, chips and extra blocking help can be given to help make sure that the serviceable player is not a hinderance to the offense.

However, things start to look a bit more unstable when a replacement level player is next to that individual at right guard, making the whole right side of the offensive line weak. While that is bad, things could be much worse with any Norton injury, as Trey Pipkins is the next man up.

With Bulaga being completely unreliable, this is a nearly untenable situation for the Los Angeles Chargers, particularly when you consider that the team has been unwilling to shift players around and consider having Matt Feiler at right tackle if Norton goes down.

While options on the market to improve upon Storm Norton are small, the number of options for swing tackles that can provide more insurance behind Norton are reasonable.

One of the best options mentioned on the market right now is Philadelphia Eagles' Andre Dillard. While Dillard has underperformed for his draft slot, he may be an improvement over Storm Norton now while also providing some upside for 2022.

Even if the price for Dillard is too high, there are too many options available that are improvements over Trey Pipkins for the Chargers to not heavily consider a move for a right tackle.