3 big-name wide receivers the LA Chargers could trade for this offseason

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Calvin Ridley
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2. Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley is undoubtedly going to be traded by the Atlanta Falcons this offseason. Ridley stopped playing last season for personal reasons and since then it has been reported that both Ridley and the Falcons are looking to part ways this offseason. It would be more surprising if Ridley was a Falcon next season than if he was a Charger.

Like the next two receivers on this list, the most that the Falcons could probably get for Ridley in a trade if a second-round pick. However, unlike the next two players on this list, the Falcons probably will not be asking for much more than that second-round pick.

That is because the Falcons do not have much leverage in a trade. Ridley has one more year under contract and if things got really bad he could even sit out this season. The Falcons are not going to want to get into that messy of a situation and will trade him.

The good thing about Ridley is that he is young with legitimate WR1 potential. The Chargers would obviously trade for him with the intention of extending him past the 2022 season and he could be a good candidate to replace Keenan Allen as the WR1 down the line; probably a better candidate than Mike Williams.

It also gives the Chargers more to spend this season. Granted, the team cannot overspend as it still has to extend Derwin James in the near future, but it does give them more flexibility if they want to agree to any one-year deals.