3 big-name wide receivers the LA Chargers could trade for this offseason

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One of the biggest question marks around the LA Chargers this offseason is at the wide receiver position. Mike Williams is an unrestricted free agent coming off of a career year and the fanbase is split on whether or not the team should bring him back. Because of inconsistent play and past injuries, you cannot really blame the Chargers if they are worried about giving him a big contract.

However, on the other hand, there are not very many other options for the Chargers to pursue. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and pay a player, even if it is uncomfortable, in order to field the best team possible. That is what makes the job so hard.

The most likely outcome is that Williams will be back with the Chargers in some capacity, whether it is with a new contract or on the franchise tag. However, if the Chargers do not tag him and another team comes over the top with a massive deal, the team may have to pivot into a new direction that might not be free agency.

The LA Chargers could try and trade for a wide receiver.

If Williams walks away and the Bolts do not land Davante Adams, which they probably won't, then the team could look to trade for a big-name wide receiver. The Chargers will get more instant production out of a trade over drafting a receiver in the mid-rounds, which could be enough reason to make a deal happen. The team wants to capitalize on Justin Herbert's rookie contract, after all.

Is this a very likely thing to happen? With Tom Telesco, probably not. And as far as I am concerned, I would much rather just pay Mike Williams than trade draft capital for a receiver to eventually pay them.

However, we should not rule this out as a possibility, especially considering there are several wide receivers that could be shopped this offseason. Let's dive into them.