Why the LA Chargers are in prime position to actually make a trade this season

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3. The LA Chargers have more than enough draft capital to make a trade

Late-round draft picks in the NFL are probably the most overrated thing in sports. They are good to have because they have value in the NFL and you can trade them if you need to make an improvement to the team. However, more times than not those selections end up being players glued to the special teams side of the ball.

Sure, every once and a while you hit on a great prospect but that has more to do with the scouting department than having a late pick. Someone you pick in the sixth round can easily be picked in the fourth and vice versa. It all depends on who a certain team likes at that point in the draft.

There are far more failed stories than success stories. Heck, just look at the LA Chargers. Joe Reed and K.J. Hill were touted as great draft picks in the 2020 NFL Draft that would add depth to the receiver room. Neither is on the roster only 23 games later.

It is important to keep some picks for depth purposes but there really is no reason to hoard late-round picks and the Chargers have picks to spare. They are currently estimated to receive four compensatory picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. Only one team in the league is projected to get more.

This means that the Bolts have eleven picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. There is zero reason why Telesco can't trade a late-round pick or two for legitimate help upfront. It's not hurting the status of the team and knowing his draft history in the late rounds, they probably wouldn't get anyone all that impactful with those picks anyway.

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If the Chargers were short on draft picks it would be one thing. They're not. They have a surplus. The team needs to take advantage of the over-valued late-round picks and make a move that helps the team this year.