Why the LA Chargers are in prime position to actually make a trade this season

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The LA Chargers are heading into the bye week with a lot to digest. While the team has only played six games, the fact that the Bolts are 4-2 after the gauntlet that they had to go through at the beginning of the season is a testament to how good the team really is.

That being said, just because the Chargers thrived in the hard part of the schedule does not mean success is guaranteed the rest of the way. While they are in a great position to succeed, as we know in football, nothing is guaranteed.

One thing that has seemed like a guarantee in recent years is that the team would not trade for external talent. General manager Tom Telesco has made just two in-season trades during his stint as GM, both of which involved trading away players, not acquiring players.

This year seems different though. There are three reasons, in particular, why the Bolts seem destined for a trade.

Why the LA Chargers are bound to make a trade this season:

1. Brandon Staley's philosophy

Brandon Staley has an upgrade across the board for the LA Chargers and in a short amount of time has seemingly proven himself to be a head coach that the team can build around for years to come. The way he approaches the game, but from a philosophical sense and in his actual coaching, is much better than the Chargers are used to.

Staley has been extremely genuine when answering questions with the media and when asked about the possibility of making an upgrade, Staley held no punches. He refused to buy into the "onto New England" thinking.

Instead, he explained how the Chargers first need to look at themselves and see where they can get better.

This is a forward-thinking football team and while Tom Telesco ultimately calls the shots, Staley has quite a big say in the moves that the team is going to make. They've already proven that they are committed to getting better by signing Andre Roberts and waiving K.J. Hill.