3 LA Chargers who must step up to beat the Chiefs in Week 15

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Chargers
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Diontae Johnson, Michael Davis
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2. Michael Davis

While Michael Davis has not been terrible this season, he has not been the true CB1 that the LA Chargers were hoping that he would be this season. That being said, Davis is trending in the right direction as he played really well against the New York Giants (minus one really bad blown coverage in garbage time).

The Chargers are going to need Davis to have another good game to help limit the Kansas City Chiefs' passing game. The playbook is out on how to beat the Chiefs and there is going to be a lot more underneath passes for Patrick Mahomes in this game. That makes Davis' speed all the more important in limiting Tyreek Hill in this game.

Derwin James (if he plays) is going to help on Travis Kelce. Chris Harris has been playing better in recent weeks and Tevaughn Campbell has to be kept far away from Hill's side of the field. The other holes in the secondary can be patched together (especially if Asante Samuel Jr. plays), so long that Davis does his job on Hill.

The Chiefs are probably going to attack the Chargers' run defense with Clyde Edwards-Helaire and that is fine. The Chiefs are only going to beat the Chargers if they can put up a big offensive game and CEH can only take them so far. It is going to take a big day from either Hill or Kelce and Davis is the key to stopping the former.

If the worst version of Davis shows up then it could be a problem. However, if the version that plays well shows up then the Chiefs might struggle to convert against the Chargers.