3 LA Chargers who must step up to beat the Chiefs in Week 15

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the most important game of the season in Week 15. With a win, the Chargers would take control of the AFC West and could win the division so long that they outlast the Chiefs. With a loss, the Chiefs will essentially clinch the division and the Chargers will stay in the wild-card hunt.

The Chiefs have won six games in a row and there is no doubt that they have been circling this game on the calendar. The Chargers want to prove that they can consistently beat the Chiefs while the Chiefs want to prove that they are still the team to beat.

While there are multiple reasons why the Chargers should win this game, several players will still need to step up in order for that to be the case.

3 LA Chargers who must step up to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15:

1. The interior offensive line

This is a bit vague and technically counts as more than one player but the interior offensive line is going to be so important for the Chargers in this game. The Chiefs' defense has played better in recent weeks as Frank Clark has been able to bull-rush in the middle with the addition of Melvin Ingram.

The Chargers are dealing with offensive line problems as Rashawn Slater is likely not going to play after being placed on the covid-19 list. While the team will look to replace him at left tackle, the interior might end up being the most important part of this game.

The team can either keep Matt Feiler on the inside and start Trey Pipkins at left tackle or it could move Feiler to either of the tackle spots and start Breden Jaimes at guard. While Pipkins is a terrifying proposition, it might actually be better to keep Feiler on the inside to work alongside Corey Linsley.

The Chargers will not be able to run the ball very well nor get much going deep in the passing game without a good offensive line. We know the tackles are going to struggle in this game regardless and that is why the interior offensive line has to really step up.