Every Chargers fan needs this ice-cold Starter Jacket for football season

We all know Chargers gear is the best part of our wardrobes.
Homage / Homage

Chargers fans are spoiled when it comes to team gear. While other teams have to deal with dated jersey designs and bland team colors, Chargers fans get to take advantage of the beautiful canvas that the Bolts have created.

It is no secret that the Chargers have some of the best uniforms not just in football, but all of sports. Those uniforms serve as the foundation for all other Chargers gear that has been produced throughout the years. Simply put: it is hard to look bad while wearing Chargers gear.

But Chargers fans may not have ever looked as good as they could look in the latest Starter Jacket from Homage. Homage already has some of the best gear in the game and they have taken it up another level with their satin Starter Jacket. Just take a look for yourself:

Homage / Homage

This collection from Homage is certain to make people jealous

Goodness gracious, that jacket is ice cold. I consider myself a bit of a fashion-forward person myself. If I saw another Chargers fan walking down the street wearing that jacket, it would definitely warrant a double take.

The powder blue colorway with the vintage chest logo and writing on the back? Don't do it to them. And if that wasn't enough, the team at Homage had to throw in a cheeky "Go Bolts" on the inside of the jacket, just so you remember where your affiliation lies (like you ever would have forgotten).

These jackets are moving fast, and if you want to secure one yourself, you can check out the Homage site directly. The jacket will run you $165, which is around the price of a Chargers jersey. Better yet: Homage is offering free shipping for any orders over $75, so it's just like going to your local sports shop and picking it out yourself.

This is the perfect jacket to get any Chargers fan through the football season, whether it be you reading this article or a loved one that you know who loves the Chargers.