LA Chargers: The 2 most surprising snap counts from win over Washington

LA Chargers v Washington Football Team
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Josh Pamler
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1. Joshua Palmer: 14 snaps for the LA Chargers

Joshua Palmer is a rookie and we should not expect too much out of him as a rookie, especially early on in the season. In fact, when Palmer was selected, I assumed it was a Mike Williams insurance plan as the team would get one year to groom Palmer to then take over for Williams after 2021.

However, my line of thinking changed with Palmer's preseason and training camp. Not only did Palmer look like the second-best receiver at times in training camp (at least third behind Williams), but he did really well in the preseason.

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It seemed as if he earned his way into a prominent role as the WR3 in this offense. The chances of him being the WR3 grew even stronger after roster cuts, as the Bolts surprisingly let Tyron Johnson go.

With how many times the LA Chargers passed in this game I was shocked to see that Palmer only got in for 14 offensive snaps, which accounted for 17% of the total offensive snaps.

He was the only player to play less than 50% of the offensive snaps without recording a single special teams snap. We simply did not see much of Palmer in this one.

That is sure to change as the Chargers face worse defenses and can get out to bigger leads in order to get Palmer more reps. There was never a moment in this game where the Chargers couldn't go with their absolute best game plan, which likely led to the lack of activity.