Why haven't the LA Chargers signed a running back at all?

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Joe Reed
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3. The LA Chargers have some undercover plans for Joe Reed

This is the least likely of the three reasons and could simply be me trying to find a role for Joe Reed on this team as I still think he can be a valuable offensive weapon if used properly. Reed showed signs of potential in year one and dealt with injuries that kept him on the practice squad in year two. This is a make-or-break season for Reed's career and he is going to have to earn a spot in training camp.

While Reed is a receiver, he has always been touted as someone who could do the most damage out of the backfield. Reed is really good at making defenders miss with the football in his hands and it was always expected that he could be a gadget play specialist for LA.

Instead of doing that, the Chargers could look to copy the Cordarelle Patterson strategy and give Reed a role in the backfield. Reed is obviously no Cordarelle Patterson but the blueprint is there and Reed has the skill set to make that transition.

In this scenario, the plan would theoretically be to draft a rookie receiver to operate as the true RB2 on the team with Reed being a rotational RB3 that can help both in the passing game and the running game. The better of Rountree and Kelley could be the RB4, with the other heading to the practice squad or being released.

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Like Kelley, Reed was a Lynn draft pick so there is not that connection there with Brandon Staley but the Chargers should not outright give up on him as an asset. Give him the chance to compete for a spot in the backfield, chances are he would surprise some people.