Why haven't the LA Chargers signed a running back at all?

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2. The LA Chargers are higher on Joshua Kelley and Larry Rountree than we think

Another potential reason why the LA Chargers have not signed a running back at all is the possibility that they could be higher on their two rookie running backs than just about every fan is. If this is the case, the Bolts are almost undoubtedly still going to draft a rookie running back to replace Jackson, but they may not make any signing at the position and trust in Kelley and Rountree to round out the position.

It would not be totally shocking if that is the route the team takes. After all, the Bolts used draft capital on these two and are better off if they succeed instead of failing. Kelley may not get the benefit of the doubt that Rountree will since he was taken under Anthony Lynn but with Rountree being a Brandon Staley guy he might get more of a chance.

And if it does not work out between those two the Chargers could try and sign a depth running back at any point in the season. There are always names on the market, although those names are typically rough. But if the Chargers have faith in Rountree and Kelley then they are not even thinking about that.

This is a reality that I would be worried about as a fan. If anything happens to Ekeler and the backup running back is not an instant contributor then chances are the Chargers are going to have one of, if not the, worst running back rooms in the entire league.

But hey, maybe Rountree shocks the world and has the greatest second-year turnaround we have ever seen out of a running back.