Predicting the LA Chargers' primetime games for the 2022 season

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Russell Wilson, Nathaniel Hackett
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4. Denver Broncos, Sunday Night Football (Flex)

This is obviously something that is not going to be proven right for quite some time but it seems very likely that the LA Chargers will play the Denver Broncos in one of the last three weeks of the season. With no other primetime games in our prediction, it makes sense that this could be a prime flex candidate for the league.

So in theory, we are predicting that the Chargers will receive four primetime games when the schedule is dropped and will get that fifth primetime spot later in the season. There is no doubt that an AFC West game this late in the season is going to have playoff implications, which is why it makes so much sense.

You could flip this and the Las Vegas Raiders game as well. With MNF getting a Raiders-Chargers game last year the league could switch it up and have the Bolts take on Russell Wilson and the Broncos on ESPN. The league could do what they did last year and flex LA-Denver into a second primetime game late in the season or could flex Chargers-Raiders into primetime.

It all depends on which AFC West foes the Chargers play in the last three weeks and what the standings are like. Denver seems like such a logical Week 18 opponent, making it such a logical flex candidate that the league is preparing just in case.

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Having five primetime games would be great for the Chargers as primetime Justin Herbert is absolutely a real thing (although he is always great). Hopefully we do get to see the Bolts in action under the bright lights quite a few times in 2022.