Predicting the LA Chargers' primetime games for the 2022 season

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1. LA Rams, Sunday Night Football, Christmas Day

It was reported that the NFL is looking to have three games on Christmas Day this season, which falls on a Sunday. The proposed plan is to have two games in the afternoon (probably one in the early slate and one in the later slate) with one primetime game on Sunday night.

The NFL has the perfect game to play on primetime on Christmas as the LA Chargers host the LA Rams this season. While it is a tad unfair to the other teams that have to play on Christmas, this makes too much sense.

First of all, the league would be eliminating one team that has to travel and be away from their families. While there will inevitably be teams that do have to travel on Christmas, this is the perfect way to ensure that at least one of the three road teams is at home with their families on Christmas morning.

Since it is a West Coast game, the players would have plenty of time with their families and would kick off at 5:20 local time for the national audience. That is better than two teams having to play at 8:20 on the East Coast for a Sunday Night Football game on Christmas.

The game itself is such an easy sell. The Rams are the defending champions who will likely be the best team in the NFL at this point while the Chargers, in theory, should be atop or close to the top of the AFC West as one of the best teams in the AFC.

LA vs. LA in front of one of the largest audiences the NFL could have for a primetime game sounds like it would print money.