The 5 best offenses the LA Chargers play in 2022

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Chargers
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Kyler Murray
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4. Arizona Cardinals

The best part about the LA Chargers playing the Arizona Cardinals is that they play them late in the season and they play them in Arizona. The Cardinals were somehow way worse at home than they were on the road last season and over the last two years the team has really flamed out at the end of the season after two hot starts.

Los Angeles plays the Cardinals on the Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend and the hope is by then the defense will be in full swing and the Cardinals' offense will be starting its usual decline. If so, we could see a blowout in the making as the Cardinals do not have the best defense for Justin Herbert to overcome.

That being said, the offense certainly has talent and this could be the year that they break the mold and put together a complete 17-game season. Kyler Murray is undoubtedly a top-10 quarterback in the league and is the most dangerous dual-threat quarterback in the entire league. Ravens fans will say it's Lamar Jackson but Lamar doesn't throw it like Kyler does.

The Cardinals have talent in the receiving room as well, even if they did overpay significantly to trade for Hollywood Brown. Brown replaces Christian Kirk and joins DeAndre Hopkins (who has been suspended six games but will return well before this game), A.J. Green, Rondale Moore and others.

The tight end room is headlined by Zach Ertz and is talented (which includes Stephen Anderson) and the running attack is led by James Conner. The talent is there. It will be interesting to see if it shows up this late in the season.