The LA Chargers may have just added a game in Mexico City in 2022

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The LA Chargers 2022 schedule has not yet been announced, however, the team's opponents and where they will play those opponents are already known. Another potential variable has been thrown into the mix as the Chargers likely just got added to an international game in Mexico City.

The NFL announced on Monday which teams would be getting international games in the 2022 season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were awarded the first-ever game in Germany while the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints and Jacksonville Jaguars all got awarded games in London. The Chargers do not play any of those teams on the road in 2022, although they do play the Jaguars at home.

The Bolts do play the Arizona Cardinals, who were awarded the lone game in Mexico City, on the road in 2022. While nothing is set in stone and any of the Cardinals' eight opponents could play the team in Mexico City, the most sense for the NFL is to bring the Chargers back to Mexico City.

Why the LA Chargers make the most sense for the Arizona Cardinals' Mexico City opponent:

First of all, the NFL has a tendency to send the same teams on these international games. The Jaguars have made a new home in London and the first two games in Mexico City featured the Raiders. The last two games in Mexico City were also supposed to feature the Kansas City Chiefs (2018's game was moved because of field conditions).

It makes logical sense for the NFL to send the Chargers to Mexico City a second time as they try and expand the international reach of the fanbase. Sending familiar teams will grow a fanbase, especially for a team like the Chargers who already had a decent amount of support in northern Mexico.

The only potential team that makes as much sense as the Chargers is the Las Vegas Raiders, who were assigned to Mexico in the league's International Home Marketing Areas initiative. The Raiders were one of nine teams assigned to Mexico (along with Arizona). The Chargers were not assigned ay region.

Outside of the Raiders, it is hard to see the NFL choosing any of the Cardinals' other opponents in 2022 to go to Mexico City. A division game could make sense but is less likely than the Raiders or Chargers. Sending a team from the NFC South, or the Minnesota Vikings, does not make much sense at all.

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This makes the eventual schedule reveal for the Chargers even more enticing. There is now a coin-flip possibility of the Chargers playing another game in Mexico City instead of making the short trip to Phoenix.