LA Chargers roster: Complete breakdown vs. the Washington Football Team roster

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The 2021 NFL season is nearly back as the LA Chargers open the season in Week 1 on the road against the Washington Football Team. After resting most of the starters in the preseason, this presents the first chance for fans to really see their favorite Charger players.

The Chargers roster is different from last season. The changes are not monumental, but there are some key new faces that came to LA along with new head coach Brandon Staley that will look to turn the tide after a disappointing 2020 season.

As we did for every game last season, we will break down the LA Chargers roster and the Washington Football Team roster position by position to determine who has the better overall roster heading into the matchup.

Comparing the LA Chargers roster vs. the Washington Football Team roster:

Special teams: Advantage, Washington Football Team

It is impossible to trust the Chargers special teams after last season. While the team cannot physically get any worse, even with Staley, there is the worry of the special teams unit costing the team games.

Chances are we will see fewer outright special teams mistakes, such as lining up with the wrong number of players on the field, that we saw last season. However, it is still really hard to get excited about the kicking situation in LA.

Sure, Michael Badgley is gone and Tristan Vizcaino won the job but it is not like Vizcaino was antyhing special in preseason or camp. He was simply not as bad as Badgley, as sad as it is to say.

Washington does not have an elite special teams unit but it it hard to be worse than the Chargers. Until the Bolts prove us otherwise, they will probably have the disadvantage in this department for weeks.