5 LA Chargers who absolutely must step up to top the Chiefs in the AFC West

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers
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Devin Bush, Justin Jackson
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5. Justin Jackson

There are multiple fifth options that we could have went with but Justin Jackson felt like the right one. If you follow us here on Bolt Beat then you know we are not fans of the Chargers running back rom behind Austin Ekeler and really it is up to Justin Jackson to step up.

There is some hope that the Chargers would get external help but if they didn't get it yet then they are probably never going to get it. The trade deadline has come and gone, several practice squad options are still available and Phillip Linsday was claimed ahead of the Chargers by the Miami Dolphins. Help is going to have to come internally from the LA Chargers.

And the one player that we can hope actually helps is Justin Jackson. Jackson still shows the potential of being a really solid rotational back, he just cannot stay healthy. He is on the injury report nearly every week and that has to have some kind of impact on his play.

We know that Joshua Kelley and Larry Rountree are not going to suddenly change overnight and become big contributors on offense so Jackson really is the only running back with the potential to improve the depth of the room.

Austin Ekeler has been great and we will see his workload increase as the year goes along but the Chargers still don't want to overburden him and risk him getting hurt. They have managed his snaps in that way all season with the goal of Ekeler peaking at the right time.

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If Ekeler gets hurt at any point then the Chargers are in serious trouble. Justin Jackson needs to step up before that is even a conversation.