5 LA Chargers who absolutely must step up to top the Chiefs in the AFC West

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers
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Tevaughn Campbell
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2. Tevaughn Campbell

Tevaughn Campbell is someone who Chargers fans probably wish was not getting much playing time down the stretch but alas, he is going to get significant snaps in the secondary as the season come to a close. Campbell showed potential early on in his chances but has been really bad over the last several weeks.

Campbell is going to be an important component of the secondary with Asante Samuel Jr. likely missing a big chunk of time. Samuel suffered his second concussion in a three-week span and quite frankly, probably should not play the rest of the season for his own safety.

That means that Campbell is going to get snaps both in the slot and out wide. There are not really many other options for the Chargers to explore and it is put up or shut up time for Campbell. If he plays like he has the last two weeks then the Bolts are in trouble.

Campbell was exposed against the Minnesota Vikings with Kirk Cousins targeting him on seemingly every big moment down the stretch. There was not much Campbell could do as he allowed seven receptions on eight targets for 127 yards. That is really bad.

After Samuel suffered the concussion against Pittsburgh the Steelers started to target Campbell as well. In Week 11 he allowed four receptions on five targets for 30 yards while also committing a huge defensive pass interference in the endzone on fourth down that gave the Steelers a new set of downs and a touchdown.