LA Chargers: 3 players who could be surprisingly cut before regular season

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Chargers
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With many talented players seeing preseason action for the LA Chargers, many of them can push more established players for a roster spot.

Training camp and preseason provide a platform for many players to impress the coaches. The LA Chargers currently carry 80 players on their roster, but for the regular season, only 53 will remain. That means many players fans want on the roster are not going to make it, and some players who most expect to be suiting up for gamedays will find themselves being cut.

Last year didn't see many surprise cuts for the Chargers, but with a deeper roster in 2021, that just can't be the case this time. Many players advocated by fans on social media don't have good odds of staying on the roster, and some players who were drafted relatively high in recent years will have to work hard to earn a chance to keep contributing.

A change in coaching staff will also be a factor in deciding which players stay on the LA Chargers roster.

Some players have skills that don't necessarily translate to the new schemes, especially on defense. Luckily for offensive players, the new offensive scheme inspired by the Saints focuses on utilizing existing players' strengths to put them into positions to succeed.

Wide receivers will be particularly helped, or hindered, by this philosophy. They will all need to display their talent and show they bring things to the table that other wideouts don't.

Other factors, like a decision to carry two or three quarterbacks, will make for more decisions being made in other parts of the roster. The Chargers have been mostly a two-quarterback team during Tom Telesco's tenure, but have carried three quarterbacks on a few occasions.