3 LA Chargers who have really started to struggle down the stretch

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Mike Williams
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2. Mike Williams

Mike Williams started the season on a great note for the LA Chargers. Williams had two massive games against the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns and it seemed like the breakout season that we were waiting for was finally upon us. All preseason there was talk about this offense using Williams like Michael Thomas in the Saints offense and after the hot start, all the stars aligned for Williams to have a great year in a contract year.

However, since that hot start Williams has gone back to what he has been his entire career. He is a talented receiver who can make big plays and at times can look like a true WR1. However, in reality, his overall production is that of an above-average WR2 and he just is not that guy to be the number one option in an offense.

And quite frankly, that makes the Williams selection a slight bust for the Chargers. While he has definitely had an impact and is not a full bust, if you are going to select a receiver in the top 10 of a draft then you expect that receiver to be a bonafide WR1. Outside of a few weeks, Williams has not been that.

To make matters worse, Williams is missing at least two games in the most important part of the season due to being put on the COVID-19 list. Williams is unvaccinated, meaning that he has to miss a minimum of 10 days with a positive test.

Since he was put on the list just days before the Texans game, Williams is forced to miss Week 17 against the Broncos as well. If he was vaccinated then there was a good chance that he would be able to return in Week 17. At least there would be a chance.

After five weeks it seemed like Williams was due to get a massive payday in the 2022 offseason. Now, a franchise tag might seem like the best way for him to get paid a big amount next season unless some team foolishly comes over the top.