3 LA Chargers who should probably retire after the 2021 NFL season

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Chris Harris
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2. Chris Harris

Chris Harris absolutely should retire after the 2021 season but we have seen old cornerbacks old on for too long in the past. There is a decent chance that some team might sign him to a cheap, flier contract and hope that he can produce quality snaps as a veteran in the secondary.

However, any Charger fan that watched Harris in 2021 specifically knows that he is not up to speed anymore for the NFL. While he still has the veteran IQ to understand a defense, his athleticism just is not there. Time and time again in 2021 he was a liability for the Chargers on defense that got exposed.

Heck, the last touchdown that the Chargers allowed in the season was a perfect example of this. This is not the first time a team has targeted Harris in the red zone with pre-snap motion and he shows here that he is just too slow. Hunter Renfrow is good but he is not Tyreek Hill.

Harris seems to be a confident guy and it would not be surprising at all if he thinks he still has what it takes to be an average cornerback in the NFL. However, after having the year he had with how much money he has made, does he really have anything left to prove?

As bad as he has been in his later years he is still one of the best cornerbacks of the 2010s and has won a Super Bowl. Harris has left behind a truly special career that many people would dream of. Why tarnish it in 2022 with a season that would be even worse than this one?