3 LA Chargers who should probably retire after the 2021 NFL season

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Bryan Bulaga, Tyree St. Louis
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1. Bryan Bulaga

This is one of the most misfortunate stories in recent Chargers history. Heck, if Bryan Bulaga doesn't get the worst injury luck since Jason Verrett then maybe we would be talking about the Chargers in the playoffs right not as Maxx Crosby would not have gotten the chance to absolutely destroy Storm Norton in Week 18.

Bryan Bulaga was viewed as a home run signing by the Chargers when they signed him to a three-year, $30 million deal in the 2020 offseason. It is hard to fault Tom Telesco at all for what happened afterward as nobody could have expected it.

Bulaga simply could not stay healthy. He only played five games in 2020 and even when he was playing he was obviously not 100% as he was not playing to his typical level of play. There was optimism in 2021, though, with an entire offseason of rest and a new head coach in Staley that really valued keeping the team healthy.

Bulaga played one half in Week 1 and actually looked pretty decent. However, he was removed for Storm Norton, who started at right tackle the rest of the season. Bulaga's back issue went from being something small to being something that could keep him out a few weeks, to being something that he needed surgery on and missed the rest of the year.

Bulaga is going to be cut by the LA Chargers because of the cap space he will free up. There is no reason to pay him his full salary after what has happened the last two years. And while he was a quality right tackle just three years ago, injuries very well could end his career early.

Bulaga turns 33 in March and it would be more surprising if he plays another snap in the NFL, as sad as that is.