Ranking the top 10 players on the LA Chargers roster after Week 3

LA Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
LA Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/Getty Images
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Keenan Allen, L'Jarius Sneed
LA Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/Getty Images

4. Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen's numbers have not been as fantastic as fans may have predicted this early in the season but a big reason why that is the case is because of Williams' production. That being said, it is impossible to not be happy with what Allen has provided, especially as Herbert's go-to target in key moments.

Allen was responsible for the long third-down reception in Week 1 that resulted in the victory. Allen also had his first touchdown reception of the year in Week 3 against the Chiefs.

Again, we say that his numbers might not be as high as some fans would have expected but they are still great. Allen is currently on pace to finish with119 receptions, 1,462 yards and six touchdowns. He will start finding the endzone more and he and Williams can have one of the best receiving duo seasons of all time at this rate.

3. Derwin James

Man, has Derwin James been missed. James has been incredible for the LA Chargers and is reminding everyone why he was an All-Pro in his first season. The impact that James has not just on opposing offenses but on making his teammates better is something that cannot be measured.

James had an injury scare in Week 3 when he was taken out of the game. Joey Bosa confirmed after the fact that James dislocated his shoulder and simply popped it back into place like it never happened, so Charger fans can take a deep breath.

James is on his way to another All-Pro season for the LA Chargers.