LA Chargers: 3 Bolts who can make a name for themselves on Monday Night Football

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The LA Chargers host the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night Football in a game that should be star-studded. The Raiders are a shocking 3-0 while the Chargers are 2-1 and coming off of a huge win against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bolts really seem to have something special with Brandon Staley and Justin Herbert while the Raiders have seemingly finally unlocked Derek Carr. This should be a great game on a huge stage for both teams.

Primetime games like these present a stage for players to make a big name for themselves. Everyone already knows the stars in LA — Justin Herbert, Joey Bosa, Keenan Allen, Derwin James, Austin Ekeler, etc. However, there are some players on the roster that the common NFL fan may not know much about.

3 LA Chargers who can make a name for themselves on Monday Night Football:

1. Michael Davis

Michael Davis got paid by the LA Chargers this past offseason and he absolutely deserved it. Davis has continued to get better year-over-year and has the traits to be a legitimate CB1 in this league. Not many corners are six-foot-two and have the speed to keep up with the fastest receivers in the league.

Davis has been pretty solid this season for the Bolts. He has not made any highlight plays, such as his pick-six against Tom Brady last season, but he has been good. In Week 3 he was mostly lined up against Travis Kelce and while Kelce did have a pretty good game, he held Kelce at bay when it mattered most.

The Raiders have a great tight end in Darren Waller and if Davis is on him and he has great success then that is going to be huge for his stock report. Derwin James could also be on Waller, though, and we could see Davis lined up against the likes of Henry Ruggs.

Davis neutralizes Ruggs' biggest strength (his speed) and we could see a true lockdown game from Davis if he is manned up against Ruggs all game. Regardless, whether he slows down Waller or stops Ruggs, Davis will make a name for himself.

Asante Samuel Jr. is another corner who could make a name for himself but quite frankly, he has two straight games with a pick and may have already done so.