LA Chargers: 5 players who have offered almost nothing in 2021

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Jalen Guyton
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4. Jalen Guyton

More so than the other players on this list, this is not a case of Jalen Guyton playing really poorly thus far this season. Instead, Guyton's role in the LA Chargers' offense is a small one with Justin Herbert having so many more targets that he could throw the ball to.

That being said, there was still some expectations for Guyton heading into the 2021 season. Tyron Johnson was waived by the team and Guyton, the team's resident speed demon, seemed poised for a big year as Herbert's long-ball target.

The Chargers have not gone deep as much as they did last season and when they do it is often to Keenan Allen or Mike Williams. The need for the third speedster receiver has been small and Guyton has easily been the least impactful weapon in the offense.

Guyton has 11 receptions in nine games for 158 yards and no touchdowns. For comparison's sake, rookie Joshua Palmer (who has not played much) has nine receptions for 104 yards and a touchdown. There really has not been much of a difference.

This is not all that surprising when you look at who ranks ahead of Guyton in receptions on the Bolts. The trio of Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler have 130 receptions thus far this season. That accounts for 61.6% of the receptions. Jared Cook is fourth with 27 receptions and 308 yards and the tight end duo of Donald Parham and Stephen Anderson have another 19 receptions.

You can only spread the ball around so much and Guyton has not received the ball as much as we may have expected before the year.