LA Chargers: 5 players who have offered almost nothing in 2021

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Jerry Tillery, Christian Covington
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3. Jerry Tillery

Jerry Tillery has been the most disappointing first-round pick since Tom Telesco took over as the general manager of the LA Chargers in 2013. Tillery was brought in to shore up the inside of the defensive line and bring a pass-rush presence that would thrive next to Joey Bosa.

Tillery has done so thus far in his career. Not only has his production been limited in his two and a half seasons with the Bolts but the mistakes that Tillery has made has hurt the team as well. While it has gotten better in 2021, Tillery was prone to commit bad penalties that hurt the team.

This was a massive season for the third-year defensive lineman and he has not produced at all what the Chargers were hoping for. Tillery has recorded just 16 pressures in 240 pass-rushing snaps this season, which simply is not enough for the recent first-round pick.

What makes matters worse is how bad Tillery is against the run. The Chargers' run defense problem starts with him in the middle. While it is not all Tillery's fault, it is hard to deny that it starts with having a defensive tackle who is absolutely horrible against the run.

Teams are attacking Tillery on the defensive line and the running lanes that he is allowing to be created. The Chargers have a really good defensive tackle alongside him in Linval Joseph that can only do so much. If Tillery was just average against the run this would be a much different team.

There was some potential for a third-year breakout for Tillery but at this point that ship has probably sailed. He is who he is in the NFL.