LA Chargers: 5 players who have offered almost nothing in 2021

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The LA Chargers have had a really promising turnaround season with Brandon Staley at the helm. The Bolts currently have a 5-3 record and have the keys to the AFC West in their pocket. Sure, they lost a game to the New England Patriots that they probably should have won, but every single football team has ugly losses.

The Chargers turning around from being a losing team has been a team effort. Brandon Staley set the process in motion and players on the team have stepped up... for the most part.

There are players on the Chargers roster who have not given their fair share thus far this season. And no, we are not talking about the third-string quarterback who simply has not played. This is all about the players who should have given the team more than they have.

5 LA Chargers who have offered almost nothing this season:

1. Uchenna Nwosu

The 2021 season was supposed to be a big one for Uchenna Nwosu. it is a contract year for the former second-round pick who was taking over edge duties for Melvin Ingram. It has not been the kind of season that Nwosu or the Chargers were hoping for and he has tanked his value significantly.

Nwosu has been playing in an edge rush rotation with Kyler Fackrell, who also has not really been adding much this season. As far as Nwosu is concerned, his most impactful moment of the season came in Week 1 when he pressured Ryan Fitzpatrick off the edge and unfortunately ended his season. He has not had a single pass-rush snap that was that clean in getting to the quarterback.

Per Pro Football Focus, Nwosu has 14 total pressures in 156 pass-rush snaps. While it could be worse, the Chargers needed better numbers out of the former second-round pick and we are seeing Joey Bosa's life get harder because of Nwosu's inability to get consistent pressure off the edge.

And let's not even start with his run defense. It would be one thing if he at least redeems himself with solid run defense but he doesn't. He struggles against the run as well.