LA Chargers roster: Complete breakdown vs. Kansas City Chiefs roster

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Justin Herbert
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Comparing the LA Chargers offense and the Kansas City Chiefs offense:

Quarterback: Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs

I mean, c'mon, it is Patrick Mahomes. I love Justin Herbert just as much as the next Charger fan but I cannot sit here and tell you that he is a better quarterback than Mahomes, who is the best quarterback in the league.

I will say, though, that Herbert is knocking on the door of being in that same elite tier as Mahomes and several others if he isn't there already. He might not be Mahomes, but he definitely is good enough to beat Mahomes.

Running back: Advantage, LA Chargers

Austin Ekeler is likely going to see more work this week against a poor Chiefs run defense and that should be a welcome sign. Use the passing game to get down the field and utilize the run more to convert more of these red-zone opportunities.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a talented young back who could have a big game in this one but he has not lived up to the expectations and certainly is not better than Austin Ekeler. The depth behind the two starters is a wash if not ever so slightly leaning towards KC.

Wide receiver: Advantage, LA Chargers

This might sound crazy to non-Charger fans but the Chargers have the better receiving corps. Tyreek Hill is the best deep-ball threat in the league but he and Keenan Allen are certainly on the same tier in terms of talent and that should be considered a wash.

The Chargers have the second-best receiver of either team in Mike Williams and after the first two weeks, it is not even close. The Chiefs do have some sneaky depth options that the common fan may take over the Chargers' depth options but quite frankly, they have just been elevated by who is around them.

Tight end: Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce is the best tight end in the league, period. It does not matter at all if the Chargers are slightly deeper at the position than the Chiefs. They have the best receiving tight end in the league who essentially operates as a second wide receiver out there.

The Chargers better hope that Derwin James wins his matchup against Kelce if they want any chance of winning this game.

Offensive line: Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs

The LA Chargers offensive line is certainly better than it once was but the Chiefs did a great job in rebuilding their offensive line and as it stands right now, they have the advantage. If Bryan Bulaga was healthy this might be another story but the Bolts do have a worrisome hole at right tackle.

Through two weeks the Chiefs have allowed 17 pressures on Patrick Mahomes while the Chargers have allowed 24 on Justin Herbert.