LA Chargers roster: Complete breakdown vs. Kansas City Chiefs roster

Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/Getty Images
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The LA Chargers are on the road in Week 3 taking on their division rival, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are also 1-1 on the season as they too lost in Week 2 to the Baltimore Ravens.

This is a big game for the Chargers and could be a huge statement for the team. While nothing this soon in the season is a must-win, it would be huge to get a win like this as the Bolts have an extremely tough schedule to open the season.

The Chiefs are widely considered to be the best team in the league and many may think that the LA Chargers roster does not even compare to the Kansas City Chiefs roster. They would be wrong.

Comparing the LA Chargers roster to the Kansas City Chiefs roster:

Special teams: Advantage, Kansas City Chiefs

Tristan Vizcaino missed his first field goal as a member of the LA Chargers and while there would have been a butterfly effect, the Chargers did lose by three so it stung a bit more.

While the Bolts have been better on special teams than they were last year (it is hard to be worse) they still have not been great. It is a work in progress both in the kicking game as well as the return and punt game.

Heck, Ty Long ended up getting blown up on a punt in Week 2 and while it worked out as there was a penalty, it just as easily could have been a blocked punt that shifted the game.

Harrison Butker is one of the best in the business and the Chiefs are polished in special teams.

Now onto the offense.