4 LA Chargers who need to improve greatly in the offseason

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4. Michael Davis

Michael Davis is definitely the best player on this entire list but he still needs to improve for the team's sake next season. Davis is a solid cornerback who has the attributes to be really successful in the NFL. However, he seemed to stall a bit in his progression from 2020 to 2021 and that is after the Bolts signed him to a decent-sized contract.

The Chargers need Davis to emerge as a true CB1. While Davis has really good moments, he is too inconsistent to be considered a true CB1 in the NFL. And while Asante Samuel Jr. has promise, the Bolts cannot bank on him making a huge leap from year one to year two.

There are ways the Chargers can remedy this if they do not think Davis is going to take that leap. The team can either sign a premier cornerback in free agency to not only give the Bolts a true CB1, but to give them one of the best cornerback trios in the league. Davis as a CB2 with Samuel and a true CB1? That would be a fantastic outlook for the Chargers.

That or the Chargers could draft a cornerback in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. However, with other needs, the Chargers might be targeting a different position in the first round of the draft. Plus, as good as someone like Ahmad Gardner is, there could be a learning curve in year one.

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Regardless, Davis should be looking to improve. If the Chagrers cannot get a true CB1 then they need Davis to step up and be better than he was in 2021. However, if the team does get a true CB1, Davis improving would only make them more dangerous.