4 LA Chargers who need to improve greatly in the offseason

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Brenden Jaimes
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3. Brenden Jaimes

This inclusion might be a bit confusing considering the fact that Brenden Jaimes did not play a single snap for the LA Chargers in 2021. How can we say that someone who did not even get the chance to play should make huge improvements in the offseason?

The fact that Jaimes didn't play is all the evidence we need. It would be one thing if the Chargers had a healthy season as far as the offensive line is concerned and the rookie did not play for that reason. However, there were plenty of chances for Jaimes to play and he simply didn't.

When Oday Aboushi went down with a torn ACL instead of giving Jaimes a chance at right guard they instead signed Michael Schofield off the street. That was at least early in the year, so perhaps later in the year Jaimes could play into the starting role.

Nope, Schofield was not even that good but Jaimes never earned the chance to play. However, Matt Feiler had to miss a week against the Denver Broncos and then it seemed likely that Jaimes would get some snaps.

He didn't. The coaching staff said he was not ready and instead they started Senio Kelemete, who had one of the worst offensive line performances for the Chargers in recent memory (and that is saying something).

Jaimes was viewed as a versatile offensive line prospect with potential when he was selected by the Chargers in the 2021 NFL Draft. We will give him the benefit of the doubt for his rookie season but he has to be playable if the Chargers are going to have any sort of interior offensive line depth in 2022.