3 LA Chargers who must play fewer snaps during the playoff race

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers are in the thick of the playoff race with a 6-4 record. The Chargers are currently the sixth seed in a crowded AFC playoff picture and are half a game behind the Kansas City Chiefs for the top spot in the AFC West.

The last seven games are extremely important for the Bolts as they control their own destiny. While it is unfair to expect perfection in the final seven weeks, the Chargers are going to have to win some big games in order to get into the playoffs.

There are currently 12 teams in the AFC with at least a 5-5 record and five of the Bolts' final seven games are against one of those teams. Every game except the New York Giants game and Houston Texans game will have playoff implications for both teams.

If the LA Chargers are going to maximize their ceiling then certain players have to start sitting more.

Brandon Staley has not been shy in making adjustments and reducing the snap counts for players who are not holding their weight. He must continue to make these adjustments and certain players should see the field less and less as the year goes on.

Not every underwhelming player can be outright benched, though. Both Tevaughn Campbell and Chris Harris have been underwhelming but one of them has to play and both of them are going to have to play with Asante Samuel Jr. suffering another concussion.

Let's dive into the LA Chargers who should start seeing their snaps reduced as the team gets into the playoff hunt.