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LA Chargers: 5 biggest disappointments heading into bye week

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Larry Rountree III, Demetric Felton
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4. The backup running backs

Prior to the season, I broke down why the running back room could become a problem for the LA Chargers in 2021. Luckily, Austin Ekeler has stayed healthy and has put together the kind of numbers that we all expected him to put up.

The worries come if Ekeler were to get injured. Now obviously the team would be worse off without their elite two-way running back but the fall from grace is quite large. The Chargers do not have a quality second back like other teams in the league do.

Larry Rountree had a decent first week against Washington and that is really the only thing for the backup running backs to hang their hats on. It has been a pretty disappointing performance from the trio of Justin Jackson, Larry Rountree and Joshua Kelley.

Jackson has already missed time with an injury and has not really been that good when he has played. He has had some moments as a receiving back but overall his production has been slim to none.

Rountree has struggled since Week 1 and outright lost the job recently to Joshua Kelley, who Bolt Beat readers know I am not a big fan of as he is not a quality running back. Kelley, the worst running back in the league statistically last season, has six total touches this season.

This is a by-product of being a heavy passing team with an elite dual-threat running back as the RB1. However, this is not merely a lack of numbers. Nothing that trio has done has been exciting this season, which is concerning.