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LA Chargers: 5 biggest disappointments heading into bye week

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The LA Chargers are six weeks into the 2021 NFL season and are already heading into the bye week with a lot to process. While a 4-2 record with the schedule the team had to play is a great thing, Brandon Staley and co. are still focusing on getting better.

That is evident from the fact that the Chargers brought in former All-Pro kick returner Andre Roberts. The kick and punt returns have been woeful this season and Roberts is a really exciting potential upgrade for the Bolts to explore.

More upgrades could be on the way (potentially via trade) especially considering that there have been some disappointments on the roster. These players have not lived up to expectations and are looking to turn it around.

The 5 biggest disappointments on the LA Chargers heading into the bye week:

1. Jerry Tillery

This season is the most important season of Jerry Tillery's career. This is the year where he had to prove that the first two seasons of his career were just a slow start and that he is the first-round talent that the Chargers took him to be.

He is no longer a rookie and actually had a normal preseason. With a defensive head coach in Brandon Staley, This was the time if ever for Tillery to improve his play and prove to be a quality starting player.

He has not done that. We have not seen any sort of tangible improvements in the pass-rushing department and he continues to be borderline unusable against the run. While there are other issues than just Tillery, having a defensive tackle that is unusable against the run is a big part of the problem.

In theory, Tillery still has time to turn it around and could prove us wrong. However, after two bad years to start his career and a bad start to 2021, he does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. It would be a legitimate surprise if he does manage to turn it around.