LA Chargers: 3 players most likely to be cut to bring back Tyron Johnson

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Easton Stick
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2. Easton Stick

There is absolutely zero reason for Easton Stick to still be on the LA Chargers roster. He was the main player that should have been cut before Tyron Johnson back before the season as there is no point to have three quarterbacks active at one time.

However, there is a contingent of Stick "truthers" out there that argued that Stick was valuable to the team and could take over for Herbert and operate the offense if something happened. That just is not true. Stick looked good in one or two preseason games. Get over it. He is not a great quarterback.

The concern may have been that if they waived him that he would get claimed by another team. While that is possible, I can promise you that the Chargers can find a quarterback just as talented as Stick if they really needed to. He isn't as good as some people think. He is a third-stringer for a reason.

And let's be honest, if Justin Herbert were to miss time then this offense is screwed regardless. Stick would come in and be 25% of the quarterback that Herbert is and quite frankly, the team would be better off giving Chase Daniel those snaps as he is at least a veteran who can read a defense.

The Easton Stick relationship needs to come to an end. It made absolutely no sense when the Chargers drafted him in the fifth round as it was just a waste of draft capital.

And guess what? The chance that a team claims him if he is waived is still pretty slim. He is nothing special and chances are that he would pass through and the Chargers could simply re-sign him to the practice squad.