LA Chargers: 3 players most likely to be cut to bring back Tyron Johnson

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The LA Chargers made the head-scratching decision before the season to cut Tyron Johnson in favor of K.J. Hill, with head coach Brandon Staley citing Hill's special teams value. Fast forward two months and Hill is on the Chargers practice squad and Tyron Johnson has been waived by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Johnson is not going to completely re-invent the struggling offense but he is someone who has a rapport with Justin Herbert that he can trust deep. With the drop problems in the receiving room, it definitely does not hurt to swallow their pride and bring Johnson back.

However, the Chargers would need to make room for Johnson by parting ways with another player. Luckily, there is some fat on the roster that can be trimmed to make room.

3 LA Chargers most likely to be cut to bring back Tyron Johnson:

1. Gabe Nabers

This could be a tough decision for the LA Chargers to make as Gabe Nabers was Justin Herbert's roommate last season and he seems to be Herbert's best friend on the team. You obviously want to take care of your franchise quarterback and make him happy but Nabers is not really adding anything to the team.

The Bolts currently have four tight ends active on the roster with rookie Tre' McKitty and with that the team does not really need a traditional fullback, especially considering that they don't really utilize that position all that much anyway.

Stephen Anderson has taken some reps as the impromptu fullback and has done a really good job both in blocking and more importantly in the pass game. Anderson is really good after the catch and the Chargers can comfortably task him to take over Nabers' role fully while also getting McKitty some reps.

Hopefully Herbert would understand and it would not be a point of contention as Johnson helps this offense a lot more than Nabers does.