3 LA Chargers who are starting to come into their own down the stretch

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Jalen Guyton
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2. Jalen Guyton

Another player who had his best game of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 13 was wide receiver, Jalen Guyton. If you recall, Guyton had a good game against the Bengals in Week 1 last season as well, picking up a key third-down conversion with Tyrod Taylor. In this game, Guyton recorded his first touchdown of the entire season.

Guyton has not been a big part of the offense thus far. While he is playing 56% of the offensive snaps, he is probably the last target that Justin Herbert is looking for in the passing game. Not only are Keenan Allen and Mike Williams going to get more targets than him but so is Austin Ekeler, Jared Cook and the other tight ends as well.

That changed in Week 13 as Guyton was targeted four times, making all four receptions. He was on the receiving end of a Justin Herbert touchdown bomb and almost scored another touchdown to ice the game in the fourth quarter by lunging and falling just short of the endzone. All in all, Guyton finished the game with 90 receiving yards.

Guyton is not going to blossom into a top-tier target but with Keenan Allen potentially out in Week 14 we could see another big game from the speedy receiver. This could lead to more trust from his quarterback and his offensive coordinator to dial up more deep balls over the top to really utilize his speed.

Charger fans have been complaining that the team has not gone deep enough this season and perhaps we see more of that with Guyton down the stretch. If Week 13 is any indication then we certainly will.