LA Chargers: 3 bubble players that can lock down a roster spot against the Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers are preparing for their final preseason game of the 2021 season against the Seattle Seahawks, and there are several bubble players still fighting for a roster spot.

The Chargers are fortunate to have competitions at a multitude of spots on the roster heading into the final week of the preseason. The teams with the best depth always have big questions to answer at this time of year, and the Chargers are fortunate to be in that position at multiple spots.

However, this does mean that good players are going to be cut soon. While some are truly on the bubble, there are some players that can solidify their spots on the roster with a good performance against the Seattle Seahawks in Preseason Week 3.

Here are three LA Chargers that can lock down their spot with a good performance:

Chase Daniel, Quarterback

In Week 2 of the preseason, the competition for QB2 heated up significantly. After Chase Daniel outperformed Easton Stick in Week 1, Stick put his name back into the race by performing better than Daniel in Week 2.

While Chargers twitter has been ignited in a fight over the backup quarterback discussion, the reality is that the situation regarding this competition has not changed much from that preseason game.

Easton Stick has done plenty to put his name back into the discussion for the position, but the QB2 position is clearly Chase Daniel's to lose.

The most important role of the backup quarterback who is behind a young starter should be supporting that young starter. Chase Daniel has previous experience in this offense, and he is clearly light years ahead of Stick in regard to being able to help support Herbert as he learns this new offense.

There is very little that Stick can do to overcome this advantage that Daniel has besides outperforming Chase Daniel. Through two weeks, most would say that the competition between Daniel and Stick is one to one.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if Daniel can even put up just an average, efficient preseason performance in Week 3, his experience in this offense and ability to support Justin Herbert should be enough to grant him the job of backup quarterback.

Also, while it appears that Daniel was better in the first preseason game and Stick was better in the second, it is important to note that Daniel's poor performance in Week 2 was with a group of backups performing abysmally. Brandon Staley said as much after the game when he discussed the adverse conditions that both quarterbacks faced behind a porous offensive line.

Easton Stick may very well be a better quarterback if pressed into regular season action, but this job is Chase Daniel's to lose. He was brought personally selected to mentor Justin Herbert by this staff, and only a poor performance by Daniel and an elite, mistake-free performance by Stick can possibly convince them to keep Stick over Daniel on this roster.